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Don Benito Bandoneon Method results from Luciano Jungman's vast experience as a professional bandoneonist and teacher. It addresses different levels of musicians and takes students from the basics to the performance of complex arrangements. Don Benito Bandoneon Method consists of two books written in English, which include a CD with demo or play-along audio tracks as well as video tracks. 

Don Benito "Bandoneon Method" Book 1

SKU: 0004
  • Book 1 . Beginner to Intermediate
    Book 1 introduces you to the first right-hand musical notes and simple left-hand chords. The exercises and the videos will help you focus on the right position of the instrument and the hands. As you advance through the program, you will learn the rest of the notes, and will be able to perform simple tango arrangements with both hands. Together with Book 1 you receive an Insert with graphics and a CD with 28 Audio tracks and 12 Video tracks.

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